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Chalupas Poblanas

The chalupas are one of the most traditional cravings from Puebla and they are eaten especially during the weekends or as a typical dish for the Mexican Independence celebration.   This dish consists of a small tortilla fried in oil or animal fat, and, after that some green or red sauce is poured on it …

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6 Solid Arguments in Favor of Learning Spanish Abroad

If you’ve got your heart set on ¨hablar español¨, there’s no better way than learning Spanish abroad. Immersion in the language and culture via a Spanish language schools abroad will help you hone your language skills faster than any app or course you can take back home, but it may feel like a big leap …

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Enroll in the Best Spanish Language Immersion Program in Mexico!

Spanish Language Immersion Mexico

Learning a new language that too Spanish, can be tough to be dealt with all-alone, right? The Spanish Institute of Puebla offers the best Spanish language immersion programs in Mexico! Get the best approach for mastering a second language with the ease of that of the native one in just a click with us. The …