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Looking for Spanish sites? You have arrived at the right place. You will find a wide range of Spanish sites here covering varied topics. Introducing the complete guide to Spanish sites providing Spanish language and culture information. You will find Spanish sites with information on Spanish cinema, magazines, news, Spanish dictionaries, Spanish grammar, pronunciation, spelling and writing, vocabulary and much more. Spanish sites will help you learn the language and keep in touch with the latest information from the Spanish community. So if you are searching for Spanish sites, this is where you should be.

If you are searching for Spanish sites to learn the language, visit the Spanish Institute of Puebla today. Based at Puebla in Mexico, it is helping people master the language and Spanish culture since 1984. Equipped with the latest teaching methodologies, facilities and experienced professors, it is the only American-owned Spanish Language School. At the institute, there is a 30 hour week program. Morning classes cover Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary, Reading, Pronunciation, Spanish Culture, Writing and much more. Afternoon classes are practice sessions. Students get the opportunity to practice grammar and Spanish vocabulary. Students can also practice Spanish Conversation with a Native Speaker.

As a student, you can surf the net and visit other Spanish sites. Online research is of great help. The experienced professors will help you. Computer lab at the institute is multimedia equipped with latest software packages, pronunciation practice and vocabulary building programs, VCR/TV for watching Spanish movies and more. Learn about Spanish cinema in the Spanish sites and view them in the lab.