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Teaching Spanish - teaching Spanish successfully since 1984

Welcome to The Spanish Institute of Puebla. Based at Puebla in Mexico, the institute is teaching Spanish successfully since 1984. Equipped with the latest teaching methodologies, facilities and experienced professors, it is the only American-owned Spanish Language School. So if you are searching the net for a place to improve your teaching of Spanish, end your search here. The Spanish Institute of Puebla can help you. There are five levels you can start at. Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. So book your seat today. The professors at the institute are ready for teaching Spanish, become an expert in the language. Visit the site for more information.

Not sure where to start? The placement exam will help you decide. The institute´s teaching of Spanish will help you master listening, reading, writing and speaking. Teaching Spanish at the institute is carried out 30 hours a week. Morning classes cover different components such as Grammar, Vocabulary and Practice, Reading, Pronunciation, Culture, Writing and much more. Teaching Spanish in the afternoon means one-on-one practice sessions. This is when students can practice grammar and vocabulary learned in the morning. Students can also practice Spanish Conversation with a Native Speaker. Visit the site for more information on how to improve your Spanish teaching.

There are others program for teaching Spanish. However, they accept students every Monday. As a result, teachers have to change their classes to accommodate the new students. This has a negative impact.

Students searching for a place to improve their teaching of Spanish feel that the institute of Puebla is among the best.