Best way to learn Spanish

Ready to learn Spanish? Congratulations! This is a huge step. Whether you’re planning to move abroad, travel to Latin America (or Spain), or simply as a mental exercise, this guide will help you learn Spanish quickly.

While there are lots of variations, there really are just 3 ways to learn Spanish: immersion, self study, and classes. And these can be combined to match your learning style.

While classes and books are a common method, there is an easier way to learn Spanish.

3 Primary Ways to Learn Spanish

Here are the three ways to learn Spanish.

Spanish Immersion: This is most easily done if you travel to a Spanish-speaking country where your mother tongue is not commonly spoken. But there are some things you can do even in your hometown.

Resources: (Self Study) Purchase a book, audio course, or online course and progress through the chapters/lessons yourself. It is important to include an audio component – otherwise you won’t know how the words are actually supposed to sound.

Online Classes: (Online and In-Person) You can take a class in your hometown, take a trip to a Latino country, or study online. There are numerous online schools that give one-on-one tutoring – teaching a progressive curriculum.

1) Immersion

Spanish immersion programs are a great way to learn because you learn and practice constantly throughout the day.  The limited amount of practice you get in a typical class back home just can’t compare to what you get spending any length of time submersed in the language and culture of a Spanish speaking country.

How many people do you know who studied Spanish in high school or college that actually learned enough to effectively communicate and interact with people in a Spanish speaking country?  … but to really learn to speak Spanish, you have to live it.

2) Resources

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 3) Online Classes

This is convenient because you can study from your home or office on your own schedule – no travel necessary. Usually you will pay per session or for a set of sessions. The feedback from your instructor can be super valuable as you progress with the language. Most of these platforms employ native speakers with a rating system – to ensure you get a good teacher.